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You’ll never be fumbling for coffee change again.  The FlexiMeals Cafe Card allows on-site cafes to remove cash from daily operation using a card system that is simple to implement, administer and run.  Customers register themselves at the FlexiMeals Website and a personalised card is automatically produced and sent to site.  Customers can either pre-charge their cards at the FlexiMeals Website using credit card or cash transfer, or the card can be optionally used to provide limited credit which is automatically cleared against a credit card or employee payroll system each month.

Contact FlexiMeals if your company already has an arrangement to run the FlexiMeals Café Cards at your office.

Does your local café already have the FlexiMeals Café Card? Register through your Intranet, or Contact us for details

Looking for a card to use at your in-house cafeteria? Contact our friendly help desk

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