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In-house cafeterias are a popular way for organisations to provide their staff with a convenient source of food. Any cafeteria, whether it is run in-house or outsourced, requires an investment of floor-space, time and money.

How can you gain the most out of your investment?

  • Increase patronage and turnover at your cafeteria by using a cashless payment system and promote regular use with a loyalty program
  • Provide an easy online pre-ordering system to assist busy employees and reduce the lunchtime rush. The cafeteria staff benefit from a smoother daily workload.
  • Improve the speed of service by reducing the payment time and encouraging the pre-ordering of meals online
  • Utilise your existing company card as the payment card so that staff only carry one card
  • Reinforce company goodwill by providing loyalty points to staff as an incentive or reward for good work

The FlexiMeals Cafeteria Card provides a simple and cost-effective way to offer meals to your staff and get the most out of your existing cafeteria. Combine this with a FlexiMeals Online Ordering System to streamline the collection of pre-paid orders and reduce queue times.


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